Meet The Team

With a dedicated destination wedding team. Momentum delivers high end projects for clients varying from Industrialists, Corporate Houses and Realty Giants to Diamond Merchants and other notable families based in Mumbai.

Planning and managing corporate and entrepreneurial events also fall under the groups expertise. The group pays careful attention to minute details and designs sensibility, bringing about spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful events.


Gayatri Rane

A perfectionist, highly disciplined individual who is a tech savvy. She has been with the company since its inception.

Raul Bhaatkar

Energetic & Alluring. He lives for the moment, passionate about football & bollywood, fitness freak. He has been with company for a long time.

Sonam Rathod

Cute & bubble, she has the ability of effortlessly winning the affections of others. Always there with a big smile.

Vineet Safaya

Logical and systematic. Works on pros and cons before every step. King of Mathematics.

Virag Shah

Friendly, supportive & good listener. A very hard working person who says no to nothing.

Avijit Kar

Creative, zealous, moody, ambitious & quiet

Raaj Upadhyay

Trustworthy, hands-on & committed. Master in detailing, intelligent & hardworking. A must have for every project.

Manish Kushwaha

Graphics maestro, extremely driven, quick learner having a great sense of humour.