As technology continues to grow and evolve, influencing our personal and business lives in new and unexpected ways, event planning is evolving along with it. Even the in-person experience of coordinating and attending launch parties, corporate luncheons and conferences is still affected and aided by the digital world. As such it is something we need to pay attention to and capitalize on when planning an event— for those attending in person and virtually.

Social Cause Events

  • Political Events
  • Cancer Aid
  • Girl child abuse
  • Child labor
  • Aid Events
  • Global warming
  • Fundraiser Events
  • Benefit Concerts / Charity Concerts
  • Auction
  • Animal Charity Programs
  • Environmental Charity Programs
  • Health Charity Programs

Annual Awards

  • Music
  • Film Awards
  • Art
  • Excellence Awards

Festivals & Rally's

  • Art Festivals
  • Music Festivals
  • Food Festivals
  • Regional Festivals
  • Bike Rally
  • Car Rally
  • Marathon


  • Music Concerts
  • International artist tours
  • Fusion
  • Celebrity Nights
  • Bollywood
  • War of Djs

Televised Events

  • Talent Shows
  • Fashion Shows
  • Reality Shows
  • New Year Eve Celebrations
  • Sports league
  • Sports Events
  • Sports Tournaments

CSR Activities

  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Education
  • Blood Donation
  • Literacy Programs