Meet The Team

With a dedicated destination wedding team. Momentum delivers high end projects for clients varying from Industrialists, Corporate Houses and Realty Giants to Diamond Merchants and other notable families based in Mumbai.

Planning and managing corporate and entrepreneurial events also fall under the groups expertise. The group pays careful attention to minute details and designs sensibility, bringing about spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful events.


Gayatri Rane

The commander in chief of the Momentum Army, she has been there right from the start. With an array of skills up her sleeve, she manages everything with an eye for detail.

Raul Bhaatkar

The King of Charm, with a magnetic & suave personality, he always manages to make the business development game look smooth & easy.

Munna Kushwaha

The Wizard Designer, creates magic out of almost anything! If you can think of it, he can create it and make it look all the more classier.

Virag Shah

The Rising Knight of Momentum, always strives to achieve the greatest for his team. Being an ultimate taskmaster, he always has a solution for anything under the sun.

Payal Soni

The Enchantress, with a surprising of abilities under that cute smile lies the leader material for tomorrow. Bonus point - Never backs down from any challenge.

Charmi Gami

The Princess of Art, if there's a perfect combination of colors/ florals / designer elements in someone's mind, chances are she has already imagined it well ahead of time!

Kavish Koli

The Fortune keeper, our very own master of numbers and all the know-hows of the accounting steadies the ship of prosperity with his indispensable experience.

Ashwin Ghuge

The Warlord, heads the production department with a crazy level of enthusiasm. Always up for a challenge and gifted with the ability of getting the work done before time.

Anooj Aley

The Ninja of Cool, don't let that carefree smile fool you, the lad is capable of absorbing enormous workloads and solving problems on or off the field. Another plus point of being highly compassionate with everyone.

Ashish Singh

The Warrior Ranger, seeks uniqueness in everything. His mind and words are his weapons, presents a crafty solution even before an obstacle touches the ground.

Our Support Staff

Sachin & Krishna

We are thankful to our constant pillars of help for any kind of task. They are always up for assistance be it any day or hour, truly commendable!